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Using the WinForms Example:

  • Left-click to select a Start hex (outlined in red).
  • Ctrl-Left-click to select a Goal hex and show best path from start to this Goal.
  • Move the mouse to show Field-of-View from this location.
  • Select the desired map from the cmbo-box on the toolbar.
  • Hover over a hex to display in the status bar:
    • Current User (rectangular from upper left) coordinates;
    • Current Custom (rectangular from lower left) coordinates ;
    • Range as-the-crow-flies of the hover hex from the current hex; and
    • Length of the last requested best path.
  • Anchor the Field-of-View by toggling Range-Line on, and verify the sight lines.
  • Select a landmark to verify hex distances and the heuristic function.
  • Toggle direction arrows for the current shortest path.
  • Transpose the map to horizontal hex-grain, and back again, with the push of a button.
  • WinForms* users: Check out how the example sub-classes MapDisplay<THex> and HexgridPanel in implementing all this functionality in minimal code.

Notes on Key Algorithms:

Detailed code documentation built with Doxygen and the dot tool from graphviz is available as a Download
(approaching 50% complete as of 2013-08-05).

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