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Hex-Grid Utilities

Hex Grid Utilities for Board-Game Development in C#

A tool-kit of utilities for building board- and strategy-games on a hexagonal grid, providing these features:
  • Lightning-fast ALT Bidirectional Path-Finding implementation;
  • Fast Shadowcasting implementation provides 3D Field-of-View;
  • Hex-picking (identifying the hex selected by the user);
  • All internal calculations performed with integer canonical (obtuse) coordinates;
  • All external interfaces and board storage use rectangular coordinates;
  • Built-in support for non-standard & transformed coordinate systems (such as for multi-map boards);
  • Automatic internal conversion between coordinate systems hidden in a single type HexCoords;
  • WinForms Panel sub-class exposing all of the above plus:
    • Mouse-wheel zoom and scroll; and
    • Map transposition
  • As of ChangeSet 30020, optionally supports automatic visibility limiting due to Earth's curvature.
  • Example of visibility limited by Earth's curvature: FOV with Curved Earth w/ 400 yd hexes & 30 ft contours
  • MazeMap: MazeMapPathFInding.PNG
  • TerrainMap: TerrainMapFOV.PNG

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